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4 places you should store your beauty products in


Vitamin C and retinoids. These are highly sensitive to heat and light, which can cause them to break down or accelerate oxidisation, explaining the dark bottles they usually come in. Keeping them in the fridge ensures they’re away from all that.

Anything that is 100% natural and organic, or with “live cultures”. Simply, to keep these formulas stable and protected from any unpredictable temperatures or humidity levels, and hopefully help them last as long as they can.

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Eye creams and face masks. There are no proven skin benefits of doing this, but the cool temperatures can produce vasoconstriction (the tightening of blood vessels), which can help de-puff eye bags and calm inflammation.

Nail polish. It’s the same thing with sunlight and heat, which can cause formulas to thicken and colours to change. The trick with refrigerating nail polish is that you have to let is “thaw” till about room temperature before application, and it should smooth on easily and evenly.


Skincare, sunscreen and fragrances. Heat can break down molecules, which can either alter or oxidise formulas, decreasing their efficacy and shelf life.

Makeup. Storing these at room temperature are most ideal, especially for powders, like eye shadows, blushes, powder foundations, basically anything that needs to be kept light and airy, not cakey and saturated. Avoid any direct sunlight, for things like lipstick can melt or decompose, and try to avoid humidity or condensation of any sort from occurring, because this can lead to mould as well.

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Oils. Overly hot and overly cold temperatures will alter the consistency of these products so if you want its texture, efficacy and sensoriality to stay unchanged, keep them nice and sheltered.

Makeup tools like blending sponges and brushes. After cleaning and drying these properly, make sure to store them out of moisture’s reach, as that may produce mould.


Shower essentials. Thankfully, shampoos and liquid soaps have a relatively long shelf life, think 1-3 years, whether open or unopened—just make sure to keep them tightly sealed so shower water doesn’t dilute. FYI, bar soaps must be kept sealed—if not you have just about a year to finish it up.

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Facial cleansers. You need to keep cleansers in check, especially if these have natural ingredients that can destabilise and oxidise quicker but a quick assessment of its colour, scent and consistency will immediate indicate if it's still in safe, usable condition. 


Hand and nail care. No particular “safety” reason here—simply because having these next to you encourages you to use them while watching Netflix before bed.

Leave-in hair care. Similar to nail care, just have these by your bed side makes it a breeze to include in your wind down ritual as you read a book, scroll through Instagram or watch Netflix.

where to store beauty products properly safely skincare makeup haircare bedside (Photo: @mmerciencore)

Therapy oils. Should Insomnia strike, dab these on your pulses and take deep, relaxing breaths to calm the mind and soul, and hopefully lull you to sleep.



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