what's the closet organisation process like?

    we'll drop you an email to discuss your concerns. you just have to send us photos of the space(s) to organise and any storage tools you already have. then we'll share the goals we can achieve and get prepped with functional storage you need. after scheduling a session for a home visit, and the magic begins! we'll create a system that allows for easy access and promise it'll be effortless for you to maintain.

    what does a wardrobe purge mean?

      we don't endorse hoarding things that you don't use anymore. we go through what you can keep, toss and donate. we create systems to organise what you use all the time, what you use every now and then, and discuss what can be donated to charity or consigned.

      how is personal shopping different from occasion dressing?

        we'll drop you an email to discuss your lifestyle, needs and budget. personal shopping can be done face to face in a mall, or we can curate an edit of online products that you should buy to create a fabulous look. it all depends on how you prefer to shop! occasion dressing is done with clothes and accessories that you already have at home.

        do you only organise clothes?

          we organise clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery, scarves, makeup, books... everything you need to get your life neat and tidy.

          what if the number of hours I booked isn't enough?

            don't worry. we're always here for you, and we'll figure it out as we go along.

            do you help with moving?

              yes! first, we'll minimise the amount of stuff you have to bring to your new home by decluttering before you start packing. once that's done, we'll pack your belongings in an efficient way so you can unpack quickly. everything is labelled and packed according to priority and need. finally, we unpack into your new space and start creating systems for easy access. drop us an email and we will reply with a quotation.


              can I gift your services?

                sure! have a friend who needs help with decluttering or a style makeover? or a loved one who just got married or is moving house? our services are great gifts that keep on giving. just fill up the form below and you're good to go!

                still have a question that hasn't been answered? fill in your details below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.