I've styled models, I've styled celebrities, but the real fun is in styling everyday people like you and me. On average, women only wear 20 - 30% of what is in their wardrobe. It's time to do something about that. I'm here to help you pick out pieces that work for your body type, give you the confidence to wear something you never dreamed of and declutter what you have so you have a hardworking wardrobe.

Maximising and organising the space in your home so you can see where everything is important, so you know what you have and don't waste money buying something similar to what you already own. Packing outfits for work trips or vacations doesn't have to be a nightmare once you have a good system made up of versatile separates and accessories.

As a stylist who wants to encourage individuals to have fun with fashion (within a practical budget) and have an organised life, sortorial is a dream come true. - Debby