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shopping session

what it is:

  • a personal shopping session - whether in-store or online.
  • learn what works for your lifestyle and insights into the latest fashion trends.
  • buy versatile shoes, bags to match your clothes.
  • a second opinion when you want to try a new trend/look.
  • professional advice on skincare and makeup

how you benefit:

  • everything you own will be easy to mix and match.
  • know what cut, colours and fabrics flatter your body type.
  • know where to go to buy what you need.
  • save time and energy getting ready every day.
  • discover your natural personal style so you can dress confidently.

    on the day:

    • we'll meet at the designated mall/store/
    • confirm the day's goals with you;
    • go shopping together; and
    • learn how to mix and match colours, what footwear to wear etc.
    • we provide advice on what's missing to maximise what you already own.

    extra charges:

    • *extra hours: the minimum duration of this service is 2 hours. Extra hours (if any) are $120/hr.
    • payment of all extra charges is due on completion of the session.


    still got questions? click here to read our FAQ or contact us directly with your queries!

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    client testimonial

    "I got sortorial to help organise my wife's and my closet last year when we moved into our new place. They helped us make decisions on what to keep and throw quickly and effectively so we got a lot done in a few hours." - Shaun