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what it is:

  • the most comprehensive package of our services: we'll declutter so you have a capsule wardrobe; sort out your clothes, accessories, and makeup; go on a 2 hour personal shopping session to fill in the gaps in your wardrobe; and
  • show you what cut, colour and fabrics work for your body type and lifestyle needs.

how you benefit:

  • everything you own will be easy to mix and match.
  • the items are visible so you never waste money buying duplicates.
  • create a system for easy upkeep.
  • save time and energy getting ready every day.
  • discover your natural personal style so you can dress confidently.

what to expect:

  • look out for our order confirmation email after making your booking.
  • share your concern, measurements, budget and photos with us!
  • we'll set some goals with you and prepare any storage tools* you need.
  • we'll also advise if extra hours** are required, based on your goals.

on the day:

  • we'll arrive with the stuff you need (boxes/ hangers etc);
  • set out the day's goals with you;
  • declutter and organise together; and
  • teach you our tricks and secrets to keeping it all sorted.
  • we provide advice on what's missing to maximise what you already own.

extra charges:

  • *storage tools: these are items like boxes/ dividers/ hangers, fees are based on actual usage at the end.
  • **extra hours: the minimum duration of this service is 4 hours + 2 hours (shopping), extra hours (if any) are $120/ man hr.
  • payment of all extra charges is due on completion of the session. 


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