occasion dressing

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what it is:

  • when you're clueless about dress codes: smart casual, business casual, cocktail, white tie, lounge suit, black tie. 
  • or what to wear to impress for a job interview.
  • or how to pack a versatile wardrobe for a 2 week vacation.
  • we'll help you create looks for that specific event you're attending.
  • using the clothes and accessories you already own.
  • no shopping required.

how you benefit:

  • dress properly for the occasion.
  • no shopping required.
  • learning how to maximise what you have.
  • discover your natural personal style so you can dress confidently.

    on the day:

    • set out the day's goals with you;
    • go through what you have; and
    • teach you our tricks and secrets to mix and match.
    • we provide advice on what's missing to maximise what you already own.

    extra charges:

    • *extra hours: The minimum duration of this service is 1 hour, extra hours (if any) are $100/hr.
    • payment of all extra charges is due on completion of the session. 


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