5 tips to care for your handbags

5 tips to care for your handbags

  • take care of your bag from day one

go to a professional and give your bag some reputable protection cream/treatment that can prevent staining, grease penetration and water damage. to remove any weird smells, put an open container of baking powder carefully inside your bag and leave it for 24 hours.


  • never put your bag on the floor

don't expose your bag to unnecessary germs and dirt. always place your bag on the back of your chair, your lap or neighbouring seat. a small handbag hook is also a great solution.




  • swap our your bags from time to time

the easiest way to keep your bags looking as good as new? keep them on rotation. the more you use one bag, the more worn it'll look.


  • never store your bag without internal support

don't let your bags pile up in a heap. store them in an upright position, stuff them with their original dustbag and acid-free tissue paper, and fasten any zippers. never store your bags in plastic or vinyl as that traps moisture. and keep your bags out of direct sunlight.


  • practice routine maintenance

avoid handling your bag if your hands have lotion or cream on them. use a leather moisturiser to keep leather supple, and use a suede brush to clean and revive suede. never use baby wipes or vinegar. for stains or signs of wear and tear, take it to a handbag repair professional.

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