organise: 5 space saving essentials for your wardrobe

organise: 5 space saving essentials for your wardrobe

1. coordinated hangers

either in thin black velvet (perfect anti-slip!) or clean and white, coordinated hangers are essential to sorting out closets, ensuring clothes they are spaced out evenly and hung at the same height. visually, this reduces clutter instantly, allowing you (or really, me) to focus on more important steps like sorting by colour, occasion and style. other space-saving hangers sortorial swears by? s-hangers for hanging multiple pairs of pants, hook/hoop hangers for scarves and belts, and hanging tie racks!

2. shoe boxes

not the ones that came with your purchases, but shoe boxes made of clear, frosted or opaque acrylic/plastic - preferably with clear flip-up or drawer-like openings. these make for easy stacking so you can store more (win-win!); safer storage as some cardboard boxes don't hold well in dry or humid environments resulting in mould and mildew; and much better identification, since you can see everything without having to lift a lid. if you don't have space for a wall of shoes, these do just as well lined across the base of wardrobes.

3. baskets / bins / collapsible drawers

think of these as folders on your desktop: they are there to help compartmentalise and categorise. use these to store items you don't use / change daily but need to keep within easy reach, like towels, throws, bedding essentials and even cold wear - just the lighter ones though, for those rainy or under-the-weather days.

4. vacuum storage bags

these are a space saving dream! purging is the first step of decluttering a wardrobe, and these are life savers for clients who don't exactly want to part with their unused pieces just yet. just slip into these spacious bags and turn on that vacuum suction till nice and flat for speedy keeping under beds, at the base of closets or in store rooms. these are great for winter wear too!

5. drawer dividers

you'll be surprised how effective these simple maze-like structures are. transform bursting drawers full of socks, underwear, ties, scarves and even swimwear with these geometric systems, which can be stacked so you can have all your daily neutrals on the top layer, with all the colourful weekend-worthy styles on the bottom. 

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