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how many workout clothes do you need?

Having pretty training gear is a great motivational factor to working up a good sweat at the gym. And with the many different types of workouts that one can do – from cycling to yoga – you probably have more workout clothes than your closet can handle. Don’t let your love for nice cutouts and gorgeous colour blocking take over precious closet space. Mix and match easily by having a consistent colour scheme, do you like pastels or do you prefer bold pops of colour? If you work out five days a week, you’ll need a minimum of three sets. If you don’t plan to do laundry during the week, allow yourself a maximum of five sets.

Tops with built-in bras are our favourite. Not only does it save you precious space in your closet and gym bag, it also save you the hassle of thinking what top matches with what kind of strappy sports bra, and the endless colour combinations. If you exercise outdoors, get a long-sleeved jacket that offers sun protection.

Tank top, $102, Lululemon

Invest in moisture-wicking pants with mesh detailing that allows for extra ventilation. If you like night runs, remember to get pants with reflective details. 7/8 length pants are the most flattering on all body types, and also allow the most versatility whether you’re doing pilates or boxing.

Leggins, $72, Kydra

Low ankle socks look chic, but everyone knows the struggle of socks slipping while you’re running, so get a few athletic socks. With the current athleisure trend, it’s cool to show off mid-calf socks. If you do barre classes, you’ll need a grippy pair or two.

Socks, $29 (for set of 3), Nike

Most importantly, you need at least two pairs of sneakers! One pair for running and another pair of for weight training and HIIT classes so your feet get the right amount of cushioning and support. If you run regularly or long distances, replace your running shoes every 480 kilometres.

Trainers, $179, Under Armour

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