organise: shoes in a small space or at the front door

organise: shoes in a small space or at the front door

Tame the shoe explosion that is happening at your doorway, and we have just the solution - stackable clear shoe boxes.

Don't bother with the hassle of taking photos of the shoes or labelling the boxes, the drop front clear shoe box protect your shoes from dust while giving you visibility and easy access to them without the need to shuffle the boxes around. You can build upon it once your shoe collection grows by stacking multiple units on top of each other. 

Other than saving you the trouble of investing in a bulky shoe cupboard, these stackable shoe boxes also allow you to make use of the vertical space beneath hanging clothes in your wardrobe - especially for footwear that you don't use often. These clear shoe boxes that we stock can accommodate high heel pumps, mens loafers, sneakers and flats. If you're worried about stinky shoes, don't worry — they have ventilation holes. 

shoes piled up on doormat

During the recent circuit breaker, we had a client who wanted to get her house organised. More specifically - the shoe area right outside her front door. "Pretty sure my neighbours think we always have guests over, but really, it's just our shoes," she said. And it's just the two of them in the house!

shoe storage solution

We did a remote consultation by asking her to share images of the current situation and dimensions of the area available. We then asked her to:
  • sort the shoes according to what you wear regularly and for special occasions
  • donate pairs that you don't wear or find uncomfortable
  • discard any that are worn out or beyond repair
Then we advised her on the number of shoe boxes required, and how the configuration of the stacked boxes to fit the space available. We couriered over the flat packed boxes, and she assembled the boxes. 

doorway shoe rack

And this is how her doorway looks now - no clutter on the mat, no tripping over your heels or digging through mismatched sneakers every time you want to leave the house. Inspired? Book a home organisation session now!

cover image: @elysewalker
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