design: 5 tips to organise your storeroom

design: 5 tips to organise your storeroom

a storeroom should not be used as a dumping ground for stuff that you can't place anywhere else in the house. suitcases, party supplies, office supplies etc everything should be categorised and arranged so that it is easily accessible.

store room makeover declutter

during our initial consultation for this design and organising session, we made a list of all the items in the storeroom and took measurements of the space so we could shortlist storage solutions.

ikea jonaxel shelving planner interior design

1. decide on your budget and stick to it

with a budget of under $1000, we found functional and stylish shelving units and boxes from IKEA. we maximised all the wall space with the jonaxel open storage system which has the option to add drawers. 

rimowa suitcase storage solution shelving

2. other than keeping everything organised, we always aim for the final result to be easy to be maintain

instead of fixed shelves, we opted for movable shelves for the luggage section so it can be tweaked according to the needs of the family and their ever-increasing rimowa suitcase collection. and we designed the layout of the shelves so that the bags are not stacked horizontally which allows for easy access.

ikea jonaxel storage shelves

3. instead of opaque boxes, we opted for clear containers 

labelling is a must, but clear containers make it easy to identify contents at a glance. we placed less often used items - chinese new year decorations, christmas decorations, pool party floats - at the top. and we opted to add lids to keep dust away.

ikea jonaxel storage drawer

4. drawers are great to keep a mix of items within so everything looks tidy from the outside

the drawers selected are deep enough to store sporting equipment, tools and cleaning supplies. note how we used a box to keep all the 3M hooks so they don't get jumbled up in the drawer.

ikea Omar metal rack

5. always maximise all the vertical space available

instead of struggling with making foldable chairs stand upright or having them lean against a wall, we stored them on a rack with other party supplies. the area below is used for the collapsible tables, a heavy trunk and carpets that are used occasionally.

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