pack like a pro with these 5 packing tips

pack like a pro with these 5 packing tips

1. Make a list - Write down what you're going to do for each day of your trip, this allows you to plan your outfits so you don't pack unnecessarily. Be realistic about what you’ll do. You don't need a week's worth of workout clothes if you know you'll go to the gym just twice.

2. Start from your feet up - Footwear tends to take up the most space. So think how many pairs of shoes you need, three is the magic number. We recommend sandals you can wear at the beach and double up for casual dinners, running shoes that are fashionable enough to wear on the plane, and a pair of heels that work for business meetings and a night out on the town.

3. Minimalism is key - Pack separates that you can mix and match and work for day-to-night dressing. Think of a tank top that you can wear with a midi skirt or jeans. A chic belt and heels can transform a printed day dress into a cute party dress. Accessories are a girl’s best friend when you're travelling, we swear by embellished earrings and a statement necklace.

4. Invest in reversible clothing - Save space by investing in classic pieces that can be worn back to front or inside out. We love this Fendi bikini that can be worn with the double F logo showing or just classic black. Wear this Kalita dress with the high halter neck or the plunging neckline. Or this vintage Comme des Garcons skirt can be worn plain or show off the colourblock detailing.

5. Use all available space - Stuff socks or accessories (in a ziplock bag) in shoes, fill up empty spaces with scarves. Watch this packing video on how to avoid wrinkling clothes:

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