project 333 challenge - an alternative to a capsule wardrobe

project 333 challenge - an alternative to a capsule wardrobe

why i did it
honestly i just did it because debby is my friend. i didn't think it would be too difficult since i feel i find myself wearing the same clothes most of the time. and i thought maybe this would be an interesting way to be more mindful of what i wear (maybe i could be more fashun???).


what was involved 
initially i wanted to pick out all 33 items but figured it was better if i just went along the days adding items. i kept a list of my 33 items in my iphone notes, which helped to keep track of the number of items, and also to pair items together. 


i took OOTDs to document my different outfits which i shared on ig stories and people did get curious about the #333challenge!


capsule wardrobe outfits


how it went 
at first we had thought activewear and pyjamas were included but thankfully it was not because i ended up sleeping in my underwear for a good week (to save on my 33 items being used!!!) before we found out that activewear/loungewear/pyjamas don't count for the challenge! although debby still made me count my BLACK HAIR TIE. 


i tried to dress up more than my usual self by including a pair of low heels, a skirt, a couple pairs of pants (that were not even stretchy, which is my usual go-to), and an oversized blazer. i even incorporated a trend i wasn't sure about - biker shorts - but ended up loving! 


otherwise there were still a lot of my "comfort" items, such as my shorts (though i already picked the nicer ones) since i am still WFH so i don't have to dress up nicely most of the time. 


it was exciting at the start of the challenge having to pick my first few items.. then towards the middle i had to do laundry more than i would have liked to. towards the end i finally picked out the last two items in my last week because i couldn't decide! 


- i would say the challenge didn't turn out too difficult for me since i am still WFH
- i had several activewear days when i didn't have to don a proper outfit
- i didn't have to incorporate business casual attire (though some of my outfits were definitely office-appropriate!)
- there were still more combinations of outfits i didn't get to during the challenge!


capsule wardrobe example


my 33 items
      1. xiaomi mi band (fitness tracker)
      2. alo hair tie (which i lost and replaced with a hair tie from hai di lao, which is honestly my favourite hair tie)
      3. flower ring (for my index finger, which is good for me according to my fortune teller)
      4. cotton on port shells earrings (on hindsight, maybe not a great idea cos there were open hoops and my mask kept getting hooked onto them)
      5. ASOS black camisole top 
      6. uniqlo white shorts 
      7. anothersole paloma shoes in fog
      8. cotton on white pleated top
      9. uniqlo grey belted smart shorts
      10. uniqlo maroon pleated skirt 
      11. aldo bucket bag
      12. universal standard seine high rise skinny jeans
      13. grana green racerback camisole
      14. taobao (haoduoyi) white shirt 
      15. haiwaiian shirt from hawaii
      16. cotton on white felicity slides
      17. iora polka dotted top 
      18. ASOS green paperbag pants
      19. cotton on light purple blazer
      20. cotton on dark green dress
      21. cotton on mustard woven margot slip dress
      22. hush puppies beige heels
      23. uniqlo light grey wide leg pants
      24. taobao (haoduoyi) navy jumpsuit
      25. cotton on green ginny lightweight anorak
      26. BITW handmade rainbow earrings 
      27. forever 21 blue pencil skirt 
      28. lululemon black wunder train biker short
      29. h&m green basic top
      30. uniqlo blue tee
      31. uniqlo hawaiian print top 
      32. uniqlo blue blouse
      33. uniqlo green ankle pants 


- good way to be more innovative in mixing and matching outfits
- find out which clothes i love/have great use for, i.e. most items i picked for the challene
- find out which clothes i miss, i.e. the items i wanted to wear during the challenge but couldn't!
- and find out which clothes i don't seem to miss at all, i.e. the items i should get rid of


- had to do laundry more often 
- can't wear as many "spontaneous" outfits that you know you don't want to (or can't) rewear during the challenge period


capsule wardrobe 2020


would i do it again?
i wouldn't do the exact same challenge (unless i am moving abroad for 3 months with only one suitcase!) since the rest of my clothes were neglected but i am inspired to start a new challenge. i am attempting to wear every single piece of my wardrobe in 6 months (not counting seasonal and occasion wear), and anything that doesn't get worn during this period gets sold or donated! 
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