personal shopping: learning what looks good on you

personal shopping: learning what looks good on you

We love receiving emails when we learn that a personal shopping session or decluttering session is a gift for a loved one. It's a practical and useful gift idea! We recently had a personal shopping session gifted by a husband to his wife for her birthday. 

L is a mother of two young kids and is a full-time PE teacher. She usually lives in sportswear or a simple tank top and denim shorts. "I find it very hard to shop for myself nowadays, and getting dressed up, especially with living in Singapore where I’m constantly a sweaty mess," she shared.


Upon meeting L, it was essential to establish a good understanding of what styles she gravitates towards, her likes and dislikes, what pieces she feels happy in and what was missing from her wardrobe so that she could mix and match the new pieces that we would shop for.

"I have always worn similar items as I feel safe in them but I would love to try out and see if different styles suit me... as I’ve mentioned I live in shorts and vests/t-shirts but stay very simple. I love some of the styles out there but just think they won't look right on me. I would love to learn about what shapes/cuts suit me," she said.

shopping budget

It was also important to work within the budget given by L for the shopping session. She prefers shopping at High Street brands like Zara and Warehouse, which are great for trendy pieces, but it was more important to find good designs that she can wear forever. 

To elevate her look without compromising on comfort, it was crucial to pick the right colours, materials and silhouettes. One thing she didn't have in her wardrobe, which she was open to trying, was a jumpsuit! 

jumpsuit with cutout detailing

An orange jumpsuit popped against her golden tan, showed off her toned arms and the cutout detailing at the back kept it fun. It would be perfect to wear with sandals for brunch, or worn with wedges and a statement necklace for a casual dinner. L had a slightly pear shaped body, so we paid attention to finding bottoms that would skim along her hips while still giving a nice waist definition.

L didn't have much of footwear or accessories to choose from, so towards the end of the 2-hour shopping session, we looked for some block and strappy heels at Tangs Orchard, and bought some gold tone costume jewellery from Lovisa. It was a good way for her to see if she'd be able to add necklaces to her daily routine, before investing in more expensive fine jewellery.

flat leather shoes

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